Who Are You Designing Applications For?

One of the common mistakes of all web designers is trying to create an application that will be impressive, productive and good looking for their likings. And, indeed, the finished app s nice and works well, but the sales are low and the advertising campaign fails. Why? Because such a way completely ignores perhaps the main element of the application success: the target audience.

The whole point here is to get a clue, who are your customers and what kind of presentation of content is the most appropriate for these people. Only after the figuring that out you will be able to create more effective app, advertising and promotional materials.

Make a research: make it before, during and even after the development process. Otherwise, a lot of time and resources dedicated to the development of the app will be wasted.

When you have defined the target audience start designing the app keeping needs and likings of these people in mind. As a result, you will be focused on relatively small group of people (comparing to the whole audience of the app markets) though these people will most likely purchase your product, and constantly use it for quite a long period of time.

Of course, the development of the app according to likings of the target audience doesn’t mean that you have to forget about all fundamentals of design. Just specify what interests your audience the most and use the visual hierarchy to place these essentials to the eye level.

Child Monitoring SoftwareFor example, look through the designs of child monitoring apps, like Net Nanny with all that diagrams and lists, that are created in such a way that even non tech-savvy parent will be able to use it properly. Intuitive design, simple navigation – all that helps parents to provide more effective parental control.

Applications that monitor activities of other apps are more enhanced and complicated, they have plain design, but in fact, users purchase these apps not for the spectacular views: they require actual information about activities and the apps give it to them.

The most complicated monitoring apps are those corporate ones that keep track of activities of the employees because of the security concerns. Employees usually don’t interact with such apps as they run inwardly, the main users of these apps are IT teams of the enterprise who need all essential information gathered in one place on the Control Panel. The design of these apps is simplicity itself, though they are extremely productive and give all possible information.