Web Design: Is It Dead or Alive?

The question whether web design is dead or still breathing has been quite popular recently. It is fairly weird to ask this as now while more people than ever are using web design and it definitely is alive and blooming. It is growing and improving year by year, and the tendency would remain for quite a while.

What is actually dying is the archaic web design we all had seen back in the nineties and early millennium. Currently, the web design is transforming into stylish and simple creations that are pleasant to use and to look at instead of those horrifying websites we used to have several decades ago. The web designer job title is evolving into even more popular position, so here are several ideas on the field transformation to consider.

The Future Is in Responsive Design

It is hard to tell when the responsive design became the inseparable part of the overall industry, but the term itself did not exist some ten years ago. Today responsive layouts blur the harsh lines between numerous devices we use for the Internet use, and the same websites look amazing for desktops, tablets, and the smallest smartphones.


Skeptics believe the booming popularity of applications could cause a death of web design. Yet, professionals know – the web has been out there for quite a long time, and it would not go anywhere. And while the line is blurred between Internet-enabled devices, the difference between native and web-based apps becomes really harsh and noticeable.

Evolving Web Landscape

Isn’t it amazing to witness the transition from the old and horrendous websites we used to have back at the beginning of the millennium to new and cool ones? TypeKit and Node.js along with developers and web designers work together to change the overall web landscape and make simple and effective design accessible to everyone on the Internet.

The most important part of the new web design era is the usability and user experience. Everything is centered around the user, and digital interfaces are builds in such a way to make the user experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Web Apps Are On the Flow

As already mentioned, using responsive techniques in all website layouts is essential today. Yet, there is another web design trend that gains more and more popularity. We’re talking about building web applications instead of traditional websites – again, using the same responsive techniques.

The purpose of the web application is to be more interactive compared to a website that usually is more informative. It runs on a single page and is created for a specific function. For instance, this could be an online editor that offers the same features you could get from the downloadable and installable program.

Technology Leads the Way

With more and more people working in web design field and creating amazing well-crafted websites, the industry is blooming. Talented developers and web designers are also collaborating on powerful storage-like websites that are incredibly useful for anyone who is just getting started with their web development career.

We are talking about open source websites where professionals build their plugins and release the codes for anyone to use for free. The general idea here is ‘why you should reinvent the wheel when you already have it?’, and anyone can build their website on someone’s work.

Obviously, web design is not dying, but we are for sure saying goodbye to the archaic web design with its old methods and beliefs, and welcoming new and better World Wide Web. While there is still a transition phase between the old and the new techniques and styles it seems like the most exciting time to work in the field!