RESPONSIVE Website Design. Be up to date with latest trends in web design and development.Your site will be crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

One time cost, no monthly fees. You own your website and you don’t have to pay monthly fees. After the first year the only expenses you need to pay are your web hosting where the website is stored and your domain name.

Content Management System. Content Management System is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content on a web site as well as maintenance from a central page. Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual steps or automated cascade.In a CMS, content can be defined as documents, movies, text, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data. CMSs are used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching and publishing documentation.

Manage website content yourself. Content Management Systems allow the user to update the content of the website without any programing skills and knowledge. Their user friendly back-end interface is easy to use and it will allow you to change the content of your website whenever you want.

Expandable website. Your website will be fully expandable, you can additional content everytime you want.

PREMIUM Web Design. Your website will be designed by professional designers with a lot of experience and expertise. We now that first impression is everything and your website should look amazing to grab that attention and turn your visitors into regular customers, readers or followers. When working on your website we try to embed all that information we have gathered for you during our Made to Measure WEB DESIGN PROCESS. This way we make your website not only working by telling the world about you, but to express your personality!

FREE 1 Year PREMIUM Web Hosting.
If you are here and you are interested into investing in a web property you probably have done your research and you know that having a website is related with purchasing a web hosting. The web hosting basically is a service which provides the storage on a servers for all the data we have put together to build your web site or to use parental monitoring apps. You need to pay rental fee for this space to your hosting provider and this is where all similarities between all hosting providers end. Every company has different software to control and keep all this data secure and in good hands. There are hosting providers from any size and origins, but this is not important.
The really important thing is that if you don’t have any experience there is a chance you will subscribe for at least one year for a non reliable service provider, your site will probably go down very frequently, which will affect you and damage your business. Yes,we understand the rules of business and we want to save you all this hassle and bad experience. That’s why we have decided to offer full package services to our customers. We are dealing with hosting providers for years now and we have worked with a lot of the players on the market. From our own experience we now the good internet hosting for our customers. We have chosen a reliable PREMIUM web hosting service for you and this way we can guarantee you 99.9% up time for your website.

FREE 1 Year Domain Name Registration.
When your purchase one of our web site design and development packages you receive complimentary free domain name registration and set up for one year, worth 14.95 USD per yea. We also do all the settings necessary to link this domain name to your website, something you have to do on yourself if you purchase domain names separately. . After the first year, all you have to do is renew the subscription and you will continue to use it.
Up to 10 Web Pages. Your website comes with up to five initially preloaded web pages, where will be placed all the content you wished to appear on your website. Ten pages are more then enough for standard presentational brochure website, but if you need more pages you can always take advantage from our additional services and purchase extra pages for your website, no matter initially or 2 years later. Our additional website design and development services give amazing flexibility to our customers, allowing them to expand their websites, mix and match options from other packages, without paying the higher price for a whole new package.

Image Gallery. We can create image gallery page on your website where you can showcase your images.
Embed Video Presentational videos or other video content from websites like YouTube or Vimeo can be embedded on your website.

Unlimited Revisions.
Here at DESIGNED2 Studio Customer satisfaction is very important to us! This is the reason why we offer unlimited revisions on the first draft we have presented to you. Here we don’t compromise on whatever is your choice. Be sure that we will build an amazing website for you and you will love it.

24×7 Website Maintenance. All of our packages come with 24×7 website maintenance, so if there is a problem with your website we will give our best to solve it as soon as possible.

Dedicated Project Manager. Good communication is the key, especially when working online. We now that dealing with several people on a project is not the right way.That’s way we provide dedicated Project Manager for every project we run with our customers.

Search Engine Friendly Website. One of the most important factors for a successful online presence is the Search Engine Optimization, All of our websites are search engine friendly, which means that we have optimized them to be easily indexed by all of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., which also results in better search rankings for your website! Investing in Search Engine Optimization is worth all the money spent on it because it makes your site better and will save you a lot of money, compared to other popular ways to promote your website like PayPer Click advertising. If you are interested into the top places in search engine results,please send us and inquiry about it and we will discuss it further, as this is a whole different service, which requires planing strategy and individual approach for every customer.

Search Engine Submission. When you have launched a brand new website, it usually takes 2-3 weeks this website to be indexed by the search engines, so the information from this website can be visible in the search results. The good news is that we can make this process shorter, and we do it for all websites built by us for our customers. By submitting your website to the search engines we make indexing process significantly shorter.

Google Business and Google Maps Listing.
Did you know that 97% of consumers search on Google for local services? We put your business in front them by setting up Business account and showing your location on Google Places.

FREE Contact Form.
Communication with your visitors is very important.Get leads/feedback from your website directly in your email inbox with our pre-installed Contact Forms. We are able to customize them according to your needs and requirements.

FREE Sitemap Page. When we build a website we always create sitemap pages which are really useful for your visitors and the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Sitemaps enhance navigation, which results in better user experience. They also tell the search engines the structure and the content of your website, which makes indexing easier and helps taking better position in search results.

FREE Unlimited Branded E-Mails.
Having a branded e-mail account is a part of your whole corporate identity we build together for your business. Unlike other companies we offer unlimited branded e-mail accounts for your business, which we will set up for you. You can check these e-mail accounts from everywhere
from mobile devices to desktop e-mail clients.

FREE Visitor Counter. Are you curious how many people actually visit your site? Your website visitor counter will let know how many conversions your website receives. Advanced website analytics reporting tools are also available. They will give you more precise information about your visitors demographics, the most visited and interesting content on your website and which keywords attract the visitors.