Tips to Self-Taught Developers: How to Get Started

There are myriads of websites and there is a pretty good chance what today you will visit at least one site that was created or created in cooperation with self-taught designers. Moreover, the Internet is full of legends about newcomers without degree, who have managed to earn loads of money with help of their sites. Well then, these are not the legends – it is true.

However, do not expect to get a pile of money from the word go. Learning of Web development requires a lot of time, efforts and attention and there are no shortcuts to make something perfect without profound knowledge. Nico Shuele is a professional developer whose way to creation perfect sites started more than twenty years ago. Here are his tips to all newcomers in the sphere or Web development.

  1. Think of your learning strategy. If you believe that dozens of tutorials, e-courses and articles downloaded after Google search “How to learn to code?” are enough, you are mistaken. Of course, you can consider it a strategy, however, it is not effective. Not all courses you will find in the Internet are really helpful or contain useful information proposed in a convenient way. In this case you will need a help of experienced developer – show him your collected material and ask his opinion about it. You won’t find a list of handpicked Web development study resources as everyone selects the most appropriate info by themselves.
  2. There are no finesses in educational materials. Avoid sources that promise you a lightning speed of learning – even the most dedicated developers have to spend a good amount of time to learn.
  3. Create a schedule of studying. Structure it and follow – practice every day for an hour at least, and then you will see the results soon.
  4. Practice! Learning for the sake of learning is worthless, apply your knowledge in practical tasks.
  5. Find like-minded fellows and join the communities – discussions and cooperation enhance the learning process.