Seeking Inspiration: Best Websites for Designers

The right inspiration is the key thing for every creative person including designers. There are more places to get inspired than you might think – here you have ten amazing places to go and enjoy the beauty in every detail.

  1. DADA

This site is out of the ordinary, for sure. From the horizontal scrolling which is different from the websites we are used to, to the page format – here you can meet other people and speak visually.

Sounds a bit troubling, but it is rather straightforward and impressive. You simply make a drawing on the site, and anyone can reply to your picture with their own work of art. This is a definitely more creative way of communication, and the visuals are incredible.

  1. Waaark

Websites can look ordinary and simple – and boring; or they can be simple and plain like Waaark – and look fun. This French web design studio made the best decision they could and used their own website the portfolio of what they can do for their clients.

If you are looking for the inspiration – or just something beautiful and produced with love and passion – be sure to visit Waaark. Out-of-the-box design includes sleek and simple transitions and smooth slides plus lovely visuals.

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  1. In Space We Trust

Space and all it consists of has always been the source of inspiration for every generation. But this graphic design masterpiece called ‘In Space We Trust’ (and we really do) will charm you even more. The timeline will take you through the history of space exploration. And the very way this interactive masterpiece is made will help you solve all your deign issues.

  1. The Evolution of Musical Taste

If you want visuals and audio combined in the most perfect and entertaining way, be sure to check this Polygraph creation. Sit back for the journey through the history of music from 1958 to 2016.

  1. Pharrell Williams

Once great Pharrell Williams fist sang about happiness, he could not stop. His ‘Happy place’ website will take you to his huge fan club in the most creative way. You can come here and browse through ‘fan cards’ – virtual pages of people’s favorite music or art projects. Or you can join the community and create your own card. Tiled interface and great music mixed together deliver the eye-pleasing project.

  1. Visual Center

This one is more practical, but who says you cannot benefit from simple and useful things? Here at Visual Center, you will train finding the ‘visual center’ of your images, as simple as it is.

  1. Atlas of Potential Nations

Have you ever wondered how the modern flags and nations were created and what backbone they have? You can learn it here, at Atlas of Potential Nations. They are questioning the ‘great meaning’ behind the nation’s symbols by giving you a chance to create a new one with its own unique name and (possibly) unique flag. Simply and beautifully designed, this website is the fun way to get distracted.

  1. VHS Retrominder

Feeling nostalgic for the age of Video Rentals? Or you are too young to remember those, but you’ve heard about VHS from your parents? Come to VHS Retrominder and feel the blast from the past. This is a browser game you will fall in love with and also test your knowledge of the legendary era.

There you have it – eight best inspirational places to go to whenever you feel bored or lack ideas and creativity. Check them all to get inspired and you will definitely find your happy place to come back for more!