Secrets of Successful Graphic Design

Sometimes graphic designers promise you incredible performance, though, you get pitiful results and it is visible to you even when you are not a specialist in graphics.

To make the situation worse, you will have to redo everything, waste another month of work and spend another sum of money. And still there is a chance that the next alteration will end with the same result. To avoid that read carefully this information that graphic designers tend to hide:

  1. Pretty is not everything. Nice-looking site is not the guarantee that the sales will be high. Workable guide does, so put in the best licks to provide it – so visitors will be able to look through the site, find all sightseen and check in there before leaving. So if you have to choose between beauty and functionality, it is preferable to choose functionality.
  2. There is no need to redesign. If you will ask specialists of certain spheres to look through your site and check, what’s wrong with it, everyone will find something. That is why would be a sound solution to ask big-picture specialist for help. He will check the site and analyze the general view, and state the main issues that require solution.
  3. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for the website. Some designers take an advantage of their technical knowledge and soft soap you with usage of complicated design and coding terms and ask for sky-high payments. So it would be advisable to define the budget of the website and find the designer who agrees to work with it, however, first you have to check his portfolio and look through the sites he created.
  4. Maintenance of the site is not that expensive. Usually providers of graphic design and development services try to pull money out of the customers for the maintaining. However, it doesn’t cost that much as they want you to pay. For example, hosting can cost no more than $5 per month, and with help of WordPress you can update content on your own for free. CMS will help you to make changes to content. Provider offers you an upsell maintenance package? Ask them what they will do and then Google it. You will see that all these actions are easy as ABC. Still, if you don’t want to do it yourself, someone has to do it – just find a company that offers appropriate costs.
  5. The site shouldn’t look completely different from other sites. Breaking all rules of the design is not always good idea.