How to Arrange Text Blocks of the Website Properly?

The story of the web typography started in 1991 with the beginning of the Internet story, however, then no one cared about fonts, sizes and color – all attention was focused on the content and abilities that the Internet has opened. Today everything has changed – top quality typography is in most cases a crucial factor of the site success.

Typography doesn’t deal with fonts only – it is something much bigger and essential. Here you will find the most important aspects typography deals with:

  • Contrast

When the color of the text mingles with the color of the background – it may look good, but no one will strain eyes in order to read it. The text is written to be read – that is its main mission – and without contrast between text and background you fail that mission. To check the contrast of the site, open the page with help of the image editor and change the colors to grayscale mode.

If you are going to put light-colored text on the dark background, think twice especially if the body of the text is long – it is tiring for the eyes.

  • Size

Do not use small types – no one will like breaking their eyes reading your text. Or you expect your readers to use a magnifier? The text should never ever be less than 12 px – and if you can set it bigger, do it without hesitation. Users will open your website on different devices – from PC with huge screens to smartphones – just think how your tiny text will look like on 5 inch screen of Android smartphone.

  • Hierarchy

The size of the font is also used to set a hierarchy to the content – the larger the type, the more important is the information. Thus users will be able to look through the most essential info ad if they are interested, stay longer on the site to read the whole article.

  • Space

Blank space around your text will make it more airy and focus attention on the content – a text without space in it will be unreadable and difficult for understanding. By the way, type designers work through the blank space inside the font too.

With help of these four basics you will be able to boost the typography of your website.