Great Tips to Create Eye-Pleasing Visual Design of the App

Great team and tools can help even the novice to create perfect successful app, however, it won’t be superfluous to learn something essential about the development and designing the apps.

In this guide you will get a clear notion how to make your app look good. Here you will find the basics of the visual design and more detailed information how to bring your ideas concerning apps to life.

The basics of visual app design

Novices constantly make a mistake that professional designer would never do: they believe that mobile apps are just a continuation of desktop app or a website that has to have the same content and features like the main app has. User interface of the mobile app has its own requirements, benefits and challenges that are necessary to take into consideration. If you have an intention to design the app on your own, bring into notice that there are some facts that are essential to know. For example, it is essential to keep in mind life of the battery and screen size when you develop mobile app.

Leaders of the sphere of mobile apps, Apple and Android OS provide their own advice and suggestions for apps developed for these OS. If you meet these instructions, then you will be able to provide sense of continuity and users will use your app without any efforts as they know how to manage other apps of their mobile devices.

Do not try to stuff the screen with all possible content

The size of the screen is limited so first and foremost it is essential to figure out, what to include and what is not necessary there. One may say that it is quite simple, but when you start to create sketches and prototype for the app, it will become clear that nothing is as easy as it seems.

Make the interface intuitive

The app that needs guidance what to do to use it properly is doomed to be unsuccessful. Show your app to people who have never seen it before and ask them whether they know how to use it and what to do with it.

To guide users, it is possible to use visual hierarchy – thus you will draw attention to the most important parts of the app. The most important element of the app should be dominative on the screen.

Gestures and Feedback

Shadows, clues, animation – all these ways to show the user what to press and how to respond you can use. Make these cues to feel intuitive to improve the design of the app.

Texts and Fonts

There are hundreds of fonts and typefaces, though only a few can fit the mobile app as they look great on all screens. In any case the chosen font should be readable, there should be no more than two fonts. Look on the fonts used in familiar apps – maybe some will suit you also.