Essentials of Mobile App Development

Mobile applications gained huge popularity nowadays with rapid rise of influence of handheld devices. It seems that almost any adult and teenager have a mobile device and half of them are smartphones and tablets. Many companies show interest in creation of mobile apps as well as designers, who want to bring their app ideas to life. Development of mobile applications requires time, knowledge and hands-on experience. However, novices also build superb apps. How can they do it? Just ask yourself What should I know to create an app? Here you will find some crucial points of building successful apps.

For many enterprises usage of mobile applications is a way to improve the productivity of their employees as they receive a possibility to accomplish work tasks on the go. Apps also help people to find the way in the unfamiliar cities, convert measures, to translate words and speech, to entertain, travel and work.

In general, mobile application development is a procedure of writing software for handheld devices. There are some different directions of app development, for example, if you create native app for iOS, that means that it won’t work properly on Android or BlackBerry. Browser-based apps run on specific browsers on any mobile device and so on.

What about corporate mobile apps?

Enterprise-specific application that meets all requirements of the company you won’t find in the app store. It will be necessary to create it on your own taking into consideration all needs of the company.

Make sure that you know what users expect from the app and what your developers’ team can create. Evaluate the budget of the project and look through the app markets. Perhaps, there are apps that not fully meet your needs, though you can modify them – it would be cheaper then. After the deployment gather feedback and improve the app, if necessary.

Pros and cons of native and Web-based apps

Native mobile apps:

  • It is necessary to build the same app again to fit the requirements of every OS
  • Though the app will take an advantage of all unique features of the design

Web-based apps:

  • The whole process is much faster and cheaper
  • The app will use only common features of all mobile devices