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Web Design: Is It Dead or Alive?

The question whether web design is dead or still breathing has been quite popular recently. It is fairly weird to ask this as now while more people than ever are using web design and it definitely is alive and blooming. It is growing and improving year by year, and the tendency would remain for quite a while. What is actually… Read more →

Seeking Inspiration: Best Websites for Designers

The right inspiration is the key thing for every creative person including designers. There are more places to get inspired than you might think – here you have ten amazing places to go and enjoy the beauty in every detail. DADA This site is out of the ordinary, for sure. From the horizontal scrolling which is different from the websites… Read more →

How to Arrange Text Blocks of the Website Properly?

The story of the web typography started in 1991 with the beginning of the Internet story, however, then no one cared about fonts, sizes and color – all attention was focused on the content and abilities that the Internet has opened. Today everything has changed – top quality typography is in most cases a crucial factor of the site success.… Read more →

Secrets of Successful Graphic Design

Sometimes graphic designers promise you incredible performance, though, you get pitiful results and it is visible to you even when you are not a specialist in graphics. To make the situation worse, you will have to redo everything, waste another month of work and spend another sum of money. And still there is a chance that the next alteration will… Read more →

Who Are You Designing Applications For?

One of the common mistakes of all web designers is trying to create an application that will be impressive, productive and good looking for their likings. And, indeed, the finished app s nice and works well, but the sales are low and the advertising campaign fails. Why? Because such a way completely ignores perhaps the main element of the application… Read more →

Essentials of Mobile App Development

Mobile applications gained huge popularity nowadays with rapid rise of influence of handheld devices. It seems that almost any adult and teenager have a mobile device and half of them are smartphones and tablets. Many companies show interest in creation of mobile apps as well as designers, who want to bring their app ideas to life. Development of mobile applications… Read more →

5 Cool Design Tools You Don’t Know About

If you are a professional web designer, you are definitely familiar with most popular tools and progs that might help you with this task. So, the article is not about them – here we are talking about some less popular and known services that will help you test everything you build in a better and more convenient way. Basecamp This… Read more →