5 Cool Design Tools You Don’t Know About

If you are a professional web designer, you are definitely familiar with most popular tools and progs that might help you with this task. So, the article is not about them – here we are talking about some less popular and known services that will help you test everything you build in a better and more convenient way.

  1. Basecamp

This online app was made by web designers for themselves, and it is a saving tool for managing small frontend projects and keeping all the to-do and bug-lists at one convenient place. It will also be helpful in case you are working with other design agencies.

  1. Patternizer

Easy CSS3 stripes are none of your problem anymore with online Patternizer tool. You can either create the pattern yourself with the opportunity to correct all the angles and colors, or simply browse the existing patterns.

  1. Cloud 9 IDE

Their main goal is to give every developer a personal working space to build their applications. This online environment is open-source so you can write your own extensions to make it even better for others. It works for HTML, PHP, Java and 25 other languages, so you literally will have no limits. Feel free to create and change what you already have, and find those who will support your projects.

  1. Sprite Box

You can easily generate CSS IDs and sprite classes with Sprite Box and forget about the guessing games. You upload sprite image and preview all the elements with WYSIWG tool and line your graphics perfectly well over the short time.

  1. CodeAnywhere

As simple as it is, CodeAnywhere gives you an access to all your files and servers wherever you need. You just log on to the app at any computer and you will have everything you need for coding. This one even saves the files that were open during the previous session, and it supports most of the web formats like XML, HTML and CSS.